conversation viruses vs 5 flat 800

I felt it was a remote possibility. However, the relentless destruction of the current pandemic demanded a perspective directly from COVID-19 herself and perhaps from other viruses that had caused global pandemics. And so, in one of my conversations with COVID-19, I asked if she would be willing to engage in a conversation about who she was, how she was able to accomplish her massive disruption of humanity and, if possible, provide us humans with some insight into the future.

Surprisingly she agreed, but she suggested that I also speak to the Asian flu of 1957 and the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV/AIDS), the creator of a pandemic that was identified in 1981 and has never stopped. When I asked if they would be willing to engage in a conversation with me, they too agreed. Their only restriction was that, before distributing the transcribed conversations, I give them the opportunity to redact anything that might impair their future destructive abilities.

A decision was made that the conversations be released sequentially. I have included a brief introduction to each conversation.

My first conversation is with the Asian flu.

Overview & Conversation with the Asian Flu ยป